DIY Toddler Water Table

Our apartment complex has these great community activities including weekly water days where they pull out half a dozen kids pools and slippery slides and sprinklers and let the kids go wild. It’s awesome!  One of Superman’s favorite toys is the toddler water table.

So I got this idea to get him a water table to help us stay entertained and cool through the last half of the summer. But those fancy little tables cost anywhere from $30-$200 — a bit too much for our budget. I talked to Mr. Dad and made a plan involving some scrap wood and a rubbermaid bin. Here’s what we came up with for less than $10.

(What is that face?! Adorable!)

It’s really just a very simple design. I would share a how-to tutorial, but, well, Mr. Dad made it and I didn’t think ahead to make a tutorial. Sorry, but maybe you can get a good enough idea from the pics.

And my favorite part is that when we are done, I can just snap the lid on and it’s all put away until next time.

And when the hot weather is past, I plan to bring the little table inside and convert it into a sensory table like this adorable garden from Pepper Scraps.

I am Not a Supermom

Yesterday was a bad day. One of those days that I wish I could erase from the history of my life. At the end of the day I was ashamed of myself because I was repeatedly angry with Superman, my 1 1/2 year old son. At this age, it’s not like he intentionally tries to make my life miserable. He’s just trying to learn about the world the best he can and he’s dealing with some big ugly molars pushing through his gums (making him more than a bit grumpy). I should be more understanding and patient, but some days I’m not.

So what do I do when I find myself in a funk?

Clean the house. Cleaning makes me feel like I am accomplishing something but sometimes tends to lead to more frustrations as Superman tends to “un-clean” right along-side me.

Take a shower. Taking a shower gives me a moment to meditate. Even if Superman is playing in the water at my feet for the moment he is happy and entertained and I can breath and let the running water pound my neck and shoulders into relaxation.

Have a tickle fest – Laugh! Although laughing is the last thing I want to do on my grumpy days, it’s usually the best thing to help turn my mood around. I just start tickling my son and let his contagious laughter sink into my soul.

Pray. Prayer with true intention is the most effective and the hardest thing for me to do. This is where I have to truly humble myself and admit out loud that I can not do it. That I need help. But when I finally humble myself enough to truly seek my Heavenly Father’s guidance, I always feel peace enter my heart and renewed strength to press on in the journey of motherhood.

Even after doing all this, I still have really bad days. What do you do when you’re having a bad day?

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