Project 1 – Flier


Black and white flier to promote a graduate leadership conference. I was given the content, image, and logo for this flier.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):
First I created several sketches of my ideas and then I recreated my sketches in Adobe InDesign. I used gradients and borders to give the design shape and interest. I also used a contrasting font to emphasis “Graduate Conference” and “Leadership.” I used crisp clean lines to give it a very professional feel.

I’m trying to reach graduating seniors, who are especially interested in business leadership positions, to show them how this conference can help start them on the right path.

Graduating college seniors, age 22-30 years old.

Top Thing Learned:
I learned the importance of white space and a professional appearance.

Title Font Name & Category:
Mistral – Script

Copy Font Name & Category:
Palatino Linotype – Oldstyle

Links to images used in this project:


3 responses to “Project 1 – Flier

  1. I really like that you have the gradient forming an “L” shape surrounding your text. That’s a pretty great idea! I think the use of a gradient is an excellent color choice since this is a black and white project. It gives the impression of colour when there is none!

  2. I enjoyed looking through your project. Great job on the design of the flyer. My eyes went from the title to the picture, in a circle which is pretty original, then to the date and time. The student is facing in so it further directs me towards the text. The visual focus is spot on.

  3. Great job on your flier! I really liked how you made the image the main focus on your design. My eyes instantly went to the image, and then to the title. I really liked how you made the location and time easy to locate, and placed it where the image drew much of the attention. Since you made the background piece that connected both the image and title darker, the words really popped out, making it easy to tell which information was the first to get through.

    You can also check out:

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