Project 2 – Event Ad


A family in our neighborhood hosts a yard sell each year and donates all proceeds to the LDS Humanitarian Aid Fund. They take “junk” donations for weeks before finally having huge 2-day yard sale. I created this ad to help advertise the yard sale to people all over town.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): The image of the minions was scanned off of my child’s coloring book, it seemed like a perfect attention grabber. The ad itself was created in Microsoft Word.

To advertise a huge yard sale in which all proceeds are donated to a charitable cause.


Color scheme and color names:
Split Complimentary
Yellow, Violet, and (light) Indigo

Top Thing Learned:
I learned how to create great designs in Microsoft Word, include full bleed images.

Fonts Name & Categories: 
Aharoni – Sans Serif
Lucida Handwriting – Script

Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used:
Minions – coloring book cover, approx. 6 in x 7 in, personal scanner


8 responses to “Project 2 – Event Ad

  1. Your ad turned out fantastic! I really love the idea of using the Minions on it because those are super popular right now. It’s nice that you were able to get things to go all the way to the edge as well as color your background. I never could get Word Online to allow for any of that. Super impressed with how fantastic this turned out. Well done!

  2. kaylafparry

    Megan, your add looks GREAT!! This would totally catch my eye when walking through church or at a checkout line somewhere! I love that you were able to stick to your two fonts but keep the title interesting and different with multi-family through the middle. I also really like how you have so much information about what will be at the garage sale!
    And you did it to be used! YAY!!

    Head over and check our Marina’s ad. Love seeing everyone’s different ideas!

  3. Kendra Nielson

    I really liked your ad! I think the minions idea was golden, especially since you are promoting a family activity. I like how the title is in the middle of the page and is the focal point, that was a smart design choice. I thought you had a good color scheme that draws in attention but is not so bold that it is bothersome. I also liked how you bolded the important information. I think you did a really great job!

  4. first look was to funny! loved it! so clever! I find myself getting stumped with the creativity because I am so consumed with all that has to be done in the program. But I loved yours! Awesome!!

    • It can be super overwhelming once you get into a program! I’m not sure how to escape that… I am so inspired by all the great designs I’m seeing, so maybe that will help. There are so ma g creative people on the web!

  5. I love your flyer ! is so fun , and i love the colors everything is just perfect

  6. Megan your blog was really well done. I love minions so that was pretty cool. It really felt like a family event with the picture. You really used great colors and everything just flowed. Check out what I am doing.

  7. I absolutely love your flier! You used fun, creative and recognizable characters that immediately caught my eye. Your placement, design and color scheme fit together so well and the background is so complimentary to your message. You kept it interesting and so fun and bright, I love it. April did a really great job, too, you should check hers out if you haven’t already!

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