P3 Activity: Photography


Light 1 – Outside


Light 2 – Inside


Focus 1 – Foreground


Focus 2 – Background


Composition 1 – Rule of Thirds


Composition 2 – Lead Room

This week I got to learn more about photography. My husband is the photographer of our family, but it was fun to learn how to use our camera and take some decent photos of my own. Each photo captures a moment of my daily life.

The first photo was taken in my flower garden, I really wanted to capture the blue sky with the delicate blue flowers. I used Photoshop to make the blues pop a little more. The second photo is taken of my son riding his horse in our well lit playroom. I used Photoshop to lighten it a little and to sharpen the image.

The focus photos were taken of some lego creations also in our playroom. First I metered the image on the part I wanted in focus and then I aligned the shot before actually taking the picture. Using Photoshop I saturated all the colors just a bit.

The last two photos were taken through a clear umbrella as I walked my son to school. It was fun to play with the composition of the umbrella lines and see the raindrops.  I adjusted the light levels in photoshop to increase the contrast and make the raindrops more visible.


3 responses to “P3 Activity: Photography

  1. What kind of flowers are those in your garden? They are gorgeous! I really like the creativity behind the umbrella shots. Well done!

  2. I love your photography! I especially enjoy the way you set up the legos, the colors and lighting made it especially easy for my eyes to enjoy what I could see. I also really like how you did the umbrella, those photos are so clear, but still have an eerie, unique glow to them. Very nice! Check out mine! https://allpentupdesign.wordpress.com/design/photodesign-six-photos/

  3. I LOVE the umbrella photos. They are amazing in design and color.

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