Project 7 – Web Page Design



  1. Description:
    This is a website designed to showcase a logo I created.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills)
    I created this web page using only Notepad++. I have very little experience with HTML and CSS and I really enjoyed learning more as I completed this project.  I marked up the content and inserted my logo image and then I attached a CSS document to my HTML. Using photoshop eyedropper tool I selected colors from my logo to use in my webpage. I added those colors in CSS to the backgrounds, borders, headers, and body text. Using CSS, I positioned all the elements of the page and added padding so that the text would be easy to read and so that there would be nice white space and no over crowding. The body typeface of the webpage matches the second line of the logo and I declared some backup fonts just in case the viewer’s browser didn’t have these fonts.
  3. Message:
    That I am capable of creating well designed logos and web pages.
  4. Audience:
    Anyone who is interested in my abilities and style as a designer.
  5. Top Thing Learned:
    I learned how to markup HTML and stylize with CSS.
  6. Color scheme and color hex(s):
    Analogous with violet (#8A2F8F), purple (#422B6E), and indigo (#403791)
  7. Title Font Families & Category:
    Palatino Linotype (serif)
  8. Copy Font Families & Category:
    Verdana (sans serif)
  9. Changes made to the CSS:
    I changed the font families, font colors, font sizes, link colors, border colors, and background colors. I added padding around the body text and margins around the logo image.
  10. Word Count:

3 responses to “Project 7 – Web Page Design

  1. I super love the colors! I’m a fan of purples, myself. You did well for not knowing much about HTML and CSS, but as you actually have the time to properly learn the ins and outs of coding these languages and others like PHP and Ruby and Python, you will really step up your game. You are off to a great start and I can’t wait to see more from you in the future!

  2. Your color scheme looks great! The restricted use of violet makes it really pop.
    Check mine out

  3. Your alignment looks great and I really like the colors. Your web page looks very feminine! It works well with the logo. You did a good job with your descriptions as well. Check mine out here:

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