Suppliers and Alternative Business Models

First, I learned about Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Brokers. We discussed the pros and cons of using an international broker vs. a US wholesaler. It is a tough call with pros and cons on each side, things such as overall goals, production and shipping times, and minimum order quantities all have to be taken into account during the decision process.

Second, we studied the affiliate model a little more closely and compared it to drop shipping. I had never heard of drop shipping before, or at least I hadn’t ever thought about it. As soon as I learned what it was I thought of a few examples where I know it happens. But mostly I had never realized it is a viable business option and I was very impressed by the research I did. I think that one’s overall business goals really need to be taken into account. But for someone who really wants to start a “real” aka more traditional web business this is an excellent way to at least get started with very low start-up costs and relatively quick turn around time.

As for myself I am not sure either of these models are really what I am looking for. I think I am leaning more toward something of a “handmade” business. Or perhaps a design services business. I really want to do something that will use my artistic/designing creativity.


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