Making Decisions

This week we finished the web business decision matrix. I was surprised by the results of the matrix (assuming I did it all right). I chose to pursue a business creating hand-lettered/illustrated stationery. This was the second choice recommendation made by the decision matrix and the idea I liked the most from the beginning of this class anyway. The first recommendation was very close being simply to make hand-lettered/ calligraphy word art for home decor. The main reason I chose to do stationery was because I am more interested in it and I was concerned about storage space for large wall art pieces, but I think my shop could certainly include some small-scale decor pieces as well. I’m still trying to think up a name for the company, but I need to make a decision soon so I can buy the domain and begin building the site.

We also researched site builders and hosting this week. I already have experience with both these things. I will use the same hosting I have used in the past and am currently hosting other sites on and I will use WordPress as my site builder because I am familiar with it and hopefully can build a site fairly quickly. If I can build the site quickly then I can have a little more time to also build up my inventory.


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