Licenses and Taxes

It’s all becoming so real this week. Building my website. Setting up PayPal and stripe. Buying licenses and tax permits. It’s really happening. I learned so much about business licenses in the state of Iowa and I am posting it all here so that I will be able to find the links again in the future.

Iowa does not have a general business license and I do have to pay taxes.

I am starting off as a proprietary or partnership, so I simply register my business name with the county recorders office and register for a sales tax permit. If I ever hire employees I will need to obtain and EIN.
County Recorders trade name registration –
Sales tax –

However, I am considering starting an LLC sometime in the future… An LLC is required to register with the Iowa Secretary of State by submitting a Certificate of Organization. I also need to register for a sales tax permit and I must obtain an EIN.

Iowa Secretary of State/ certificate of organization –

I was really hoping to have products up on my site by now, but there has been so much “behind the scenes” work that I haven’t had time to get product ready. I should be able to get some done this week and ready to place on the website.


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