AdWords Campaign

This week we set up a Google AdWords Campaign learned about what makes good keywords and what makes bad keywords in an AdWords Campaign.

Good keywords describe what you are trying to sell. They are broad enough to encompass the full vocabulary surrounding the product but exact enough to grab the attention of the target audience.

A bad keyword could be too broad or too exact. If it is a long descriptive phrase it is too exact and few others will find it. But if it is too broad than you will garner the attention of many who are not even looking for your products and will not buy your products.

When brainstorming about keywords, I started with a very broad term and then got a little more specific creating themes and categories and continued with more and more specific keywords (phrases really). By doing this I could see the entire spectrum of keywords from too broad to too specific and could select the middle ground keywords that I felt would be best.

The Keyword Planner is also very helpful with this since it suggests dozens of keywords and phrases that are similar to the keyword you placed in the search. You can also sort the keywords by relevance and popularity. I found it interesting to toggle between the two settings. Relevance of course is important to make sure you are targeting the right audience, but I found popularity to also improve my knowledge of the market. Although those keywords may not be the best for me to use in this round of ads it can help me plan future products and ideas.


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