Ranking, Link Building, and Google Analytics

I learned so much this week. First, I really enjoyed the assignments on link building. I had no idea that back links affected SEO so much and it was good to read about how to build quality links. I think the best way for me to build links is to reach out to colleagues in the industry and ask them to share links. I can do this now as my business starts and I can do it in the future for special occasions or new products.

I need to start to build relationships with others in my field through social media and forums. It also seems that it would be an excellent idea to add a blog to my website where I write articles or tutorials that can be more appealing to link to. Links can be shared by colleagues on their websites (and I will share their’s) and on reputable directories.

Second, I found woorank to be really enlightening. It will take me quite a bit of time to go through all their suggestions to really optimize my website, but the first 5 I chose to focus on were including metadata, optimizing images for faster load times, integrating social media on my website, fixing some broken links, and including a blog page (as mentioned above).

Finally, I got to play with google analytics a bit more. I was rather surprised to see that I have been averaging almost 50 visits a day and my bounce rate isn’t too terrible either considering the small amount of products and content available on my site. I am excited to try setting some goals and see what I can do to improve my site.


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