Adwords Campaign

I created and launched a google adwords campaign this week. I am excited to see how it performs and learn about improving it. I decided to focus this campaign on birthday cards since I have the most product in that category and birthdays are a year-around event. I was careful to use the same keywords in my ads and on my landing page. I used the keywords in the name of my products as well. The ad link also takes the customer directly to the birthday category page rather than the general shop page.  Hopefully all these things will help my ads perform well, but I am sure I will learn more as we go along to help me improve the experience for my customers.


Quality Score and Analytics

This week I learned about quality score and google analytics.

The Google Adwords quality score helps to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads and landing page. Scores can be improved by using the right keywords and by using the same keywords in your ads and on your landing page. A landing page should show the customer what was promised in the ad. Unifying everything with the same keywords will create a better user experience and improve your quality score.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool to help you understand your visitors and customers. It shows you how many visitors you get. It shows you how they move through your website. It shows the keywords your visitors are looking for and where they come from. It also shows you a bounce rate which is a representation for how much time visitors stay on your website. Of course you want your visitors to stay on your website longer.

P3 Activity: Photography


Light 1 – Outside


Light 2 – Inside


Focus 1 – Foreground


Focus 2 – Background


Composition 1 – Rule of Thirds


Composition 2 – Lead Room

This week I got to learn more about photography. My husband is the photographer of our family, but it was fun to learn how to use our camera and take some decent photos of my own. Each photo captures a moment of my daily life.

The first photo was taken in my flower garden, I really wanted to capture the blue sky with the delicate blue flowers. I used Photoshop to make the blues pop a little more. The second photo is taken of my son riding his horse in our well lit playroom. I used Photoshop to lighten it a little and to sharpen the image.

The focus photos were taken of some lego creations also in our playroom. First I metered the image on the part I wanted in focus and then I aligned the shot before actually taking the picture. Using Photoshop I saturated all the colors just a bit.

The last two photos were taken through a clear umbrella as I walked my son to school. It was fun to play with the composition of the umbrella lines and see the raindrops.  I adjusted the light levels in photoshop to increase the contrast and make the raindrops more visible.